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精國醫療器材嶄新顯像式電子耳鏡 S900

精國醫療器材於2018年隆重推出全新世代顯像式電子耳鏡 S900. 全機映入眼簾的第一印象是包覆著潔白純淨的珍珠白機身,圓滑的邊角,簡潔易懂的按鍵操控, 精細的機身用料,提供絕佳的握持手感.讓人深刻的感受到精國醫療專業的造機工藝所在. S900電子耳鏡,採用頂級高規格 3吋640*480彩色薄膜液晶顯示螢幕,呈現真實鮮活的色彩, 與潔白機身搭配霧黑邊框的螢幕,品位高質出色. 4顆高亮度LED白光燈泡,可擴充至64GB的 Micro [...]

第44屆 阿拉伯國際健康醫療展

杜拜國際醫療展為中東地區展覽規模最大、展品種類最為齊全、展覽效果良好的國際專業醫療設備展覽會。 展覽期間: 2019/01/28~2019/01/31 精國醫療展位位置 : Saeed Arena,Booth No. SAK70 [...]

About Us

The company was established in 1975 and revolved through the years till present with focused on high quality precision medical instruments, very well made in Taiwan. During early days, it was an odd idea them among fellow manufacturers, as well with foreign buyers. Most business people considered Taiwan as a place for cheap and non-quality oriented producers. But with hard work and perseverance, Spirit Medical Co., Ltd. ( Spirit Brand ) has been recognized as innovator of world class quality instruments, i.e. Stethoscopes, Sphygmomanometers, Hammers and other related diagnostic instruments.